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This flash captures the fun and frustrations of playing Dark Souls very well! I hope that you do a second one showing your experiences with the later parts of the game. Especially if you included Patches. My favorite scene was the blight town frame rate one. That was super annoying especially because its one of the coolest areas to look at and everything turns to pixellated crap when you turn to fast.

Loved the voice work in the flash. It added an extra layer to the funny. Great job and I look forward to more videos!

I remember that show. Great flash! Loved the voices.

This is one of the greatest flashes to grace the portal! The quality of the animation, voices, and story is awesome! Loved it when the Grey Knight freaked out about cuddling! I look forward to more.

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I really enjoy this game. However, apart from the ranges of guns being wrong or unclear as other people have mentioned, I noticed one other bug. Whenever an opponent charges me (in pvp) the game doesn't display my buttons along the bottom. The clock just goes straight to zero and then my mech moves forward one space. After that it goes back to normal.

Day of the Dead: The Game

This game is a little slow at first, but once you get some of the later items and research upgrades it gets a lot more interesting.
I like the idea, but some explanations early on would have helped as I felt a little lost at first.
I also really like all the different combinations of zombies!

If only I could name the zombie 'Bub'.

Evil-Dog responds:

we didn't do the best job with the tutorials

I have two big problems with this game

First, whenever you do a spell, Argus stops doing whatever it was you told him to. There were many occasions when I sent him to go fight and told him to throw lightning at a far away foe. He stopped moving and did this. These ranged attacks shouldn't stop him from moving.
Which leads to the second problem. Argus loves to stand there and get his face filled with arrows. A group of melee fighters will get cut down by Argus because he attacks anybody who attacks him. Archers however don't elicit this response. This causes Argus to die. Pathetically easily I might add. Also when enemies are focused on the gate Argus will just stand there unless you click on them one at a time so he can shuffle over and whack them with his sword.
You need to give Argus a range in which he will attack all enemies. This will stop him from being killed by archers who are standing 2 feet from him because you have to click on them one at a time.
You've got some interesting mechanics here, and it reminds me of Diablo, but that's not necessarily a good thing for a defense game. Diablo was about exploring, this is the exact opposite. What you need here is automation and streamlining, not frantic clicking on each enemy at a time. I was annoyed that some magic also only killed one at a time, and there was no way to upgrade these.
Lastly, this game is too repetitive, and I was bored by week 5. This is the worst thing that can happen in a defense game, which is normally a longer, slowly paced game. If the player is bored, all the fancy artwork, voiceacting, and writing(all of which were very good!!) will not save your game.

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Love this picture. In fact, I loved it so much I wrote a story based off it for the December Monthly Writing Contest. Hope it lives up to the awesomeness of the art!


VerdRage responds:

Wow, I just don't know what to say... Glad to read that my work inspired someone. ;) Really... Cool!

btw "Reminds me of the old Windows sound. And that only fills me with uncontrollable fury." Made my day. ;D Good writing. :)

This ain't gonna be in no manga son. That's a fuckin Space Wolf. 40K rules! You should do some Chaos Marines, I think they're more your style.

Awesome. Love Judas Priest, love this logo.

I write stuff. Browse through my news and forum posts and you'll see. You'll ALL see.

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