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starwarsjunkie's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 612 (From 105 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 10,450 Points

Super Robot Action Game

Control Freak Unlocked 7/11/11
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Three-Way Unlocked 7/22/11
10 Points
Three times the fun!
Total Failure Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Money Well Spent Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/4 (15/70 points)

Sydney Shark

HH65Dolphin Unlocked 4/21/10
25 Points
Take down the HH65Dolphin helicopter
Zeppelin Unlocked 4/21/10
25 Points
Take down the zeppelin
AirbusA380 25 Points Take down the Airbus A380
BAEHawk 25 Points Take down the BAE Hawk
BroadcastHeli 25 Points Take down the Broadcast helicopter
CH46SeaKnight 25 Points Take down the CH46 Sea Knight helicopter
CrocodileJet 25 Points Take down the crocodile jet
DHC2Beaver 25 Points Take down the DHC 2 Beaver
Kayak 25 Points Crush 10 kayaks
NuclearRocket 25 Points Nuke Sydney
Orca 25 Points Eat 60 pieces of Orca
Sailplane 25 Points Take down the sailplane
UFO 25 Points Take down the UFO
Horse 50 Points Kill 9 horses
Passenger 50 Points Kill 30 cruise ship passengers
SkyDiver 50 Points Kill 10 sky divers
Hat Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/17 (50/525 points)

Tax Time!

Burn Baby Burn! Unlocked 2/24/10
10 Points
Forgo your worldly posessions.
Stick it to the Man! Unlocked 2/24/10
25 Points
Deliver your taxes to the IRS in a timely manner.
Auto Recall Unlocked 2/24/10
50 Points
Send a Lexus back to the shop.

Medals Earned: 3/3 (85/85 points)

Tentacle Wars

Level 01 Unlocked 12/10/10
5 Points
It's time to learn some tricks
Level 02 Unlocked 12/10/10
5 Points
Team: step back then protect front line
Level 03 Unlocked 12/10/10
5 Points
Dominate! This is your only salvation
Level 04 Unlocked 12/10/10
5 Points
Cut! In the right place, at the right time
Level 05 Unlocked 12/10/10
10 Points
Master the craft of war
Level 06 Unlocked 12/10/10
10 Points
What a huge life form!
Level 07 Unlocked 12/10/10
10 Points
Your enemies - are enemies to each other
Level 08 Unlocked 12/10/10
10 Points
Get out of my corner
Level 09 Unlocked 12/10/10
10 Points
Try walking in their shoes
Level 10 Unlocked 12/10/10
10 Points
Is this place safe to hide forever?
Level 11 Unlocked 12/10/10
25 Points
Level 12 Unlocked 12/10/10
25 Points
Quick Victory: finish with him as soon as possible
Level 13 Unlocked 12/10/10
25 Points
This should be easy
Level 14 Unlocked 12/10/10
25 Points
Neutral wall
Level 15 Unlocked 12/10/10
25 Points
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Level 16 Unlocked 12/10/10
50 Points
Run as fast as you can
Level 17 Unlocked 12/10/10
50 Points
Quick team trick
Level 18 50 Points Behind the wall
Level 19 50 Points Predator is the top life form - become him!
Level 20 50 Points They have no chance to survive...

Medals Earned: 17/20 (305/455 points)


YOU'RE A WINNER! Unlocked 12/20/09
10 Points
Beat the game
AL GORE WOULD BE PROUD Unlocked 12/20/09
25 Points
Get a full planet
DOUBLE WHAMMY Unlocked 12/20/09
25 Points
Get a multiplier on a boss
USE THE FORCE! Unlocked 12/20/09
25 Points
Kill 1000 enemies
YOU'RE A REAL WINNER Unlocked 12/20/09
25 Points
Beat the game without continuing
PENTAFORCE Unlocked 12/20/09
50 Points
Get 5 spikes on the planet at once
MY EARS! 5 Points Have an attraction beam live for 15+ seconds
STRAGGLER 5 Points Beat the game with one missile still left on the screen
HIROSHIMA 10 Points Nuke more than 20 enemies at once
C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! 25 Points Get hit after destroying exactly 30 enemies without getting hit
C-C-C-C-COMBO! 25 Points Get a chain of 10+
HUMANITARIAN 25 Points Heal an enemy ship
SIDEKICK 25 Points Have a spike at the end of the game
USA! USA! 25 Points Beat the game using exactly 2 nukes and have ones leftover at the end
THAT'S NO MOON 100 Points Convert a boss into a spike

Medals Earned: 6/15 (160/405 points)

The Abusive Review Quiz

Hacsev Unlocked 5/24/11
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Garbage 5 Points Terrible Game
Normal 5 Points Bad Game
Bronze 10 Points Good Game
Silver 25 Points Nice Game
Gold 50 Points Great Game
Deity 100 Points Perfect Game
Cheater! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Weebl Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/9 (10/355 points)

The Arrow Of Time

End of an Era Unlocked 8/14/09
100 Points
Complete the main game.
Fight in the Shade 100 Points Have more than 20 arrows on screen at once.
I Have the Powers 100 Points Buy all of the upgrades.
Quickdraw 100 Points Kill the final boss in under 20 seconds.
Time Hunter 100 Points Kill each type of Dinosaur at least once.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (100/500 points)

The Breach

20 Kills Unlocked 7/22/10
5 Points
Kill 20 enemies
Kill First Boss Unlocked 7/23/10
10 Points
Kill the first boss
Game Complete Unlocked 7/23/10
25 Points
Complete the game
Kill 3rd Boss Unlocked 7/23/10
25 Points
Kill the 3rd Boss
20 Stars 50 Points Obtain 20 stars

Medals Earned: 4/5 (65/115 points)

the Engineer

Bomber Unlocked 11/21/11
5 Points
Place a bomb on destructible terrain
Maxified Armor 10 Points Fully upgrade your armor
Maxified Turret 10 Points Upgrade any turret to its maximum
Maxified Weapon 10 Points Fully upgrade a hand held weapon
Fully Loaded 25 Points Buy all hand held weapons at once
Survivor 25 Points Last 2 minutes in survival mode
Time for a FemBot 50 Points Finish Zach Scrap's Campaign

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/135 points)

the Kill Kar II: Revenge

Klean run Unlocked 12/6/09
10 Points
Beat a level without any damage or blood on your car
Krash the Kage Unlocked 12/6/09
25 Points
Escape to the big city
Kill-a-K Unlocked 12/6/09
50 Points
Kill one thousand people
Kan do Unlocked 12/6/09
100 Points
Beat all levels above 80%
Kant Katch Up Unlocked 12/6/09
100 Points
Get gold on all race levels
Kraked Unlocked 12/6/09
100 Points
Beat the game
Krapped on 10 Points Pass a level with less then 5% health left
Kataklism 25 Points Kill everyone in any level using only missiles
Kash Kow 50 Points Earn over 100,000 dollars

Medals Earned: 6/9 (385/470 points)