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This flash captures the fun and frustrations of playing Dark Souls very well! I hope that you do a second one showing your experiences with the later parts of the game. Especially if you included Patches. My favorite scene was the blight town frame rate one. That was super annoying especially because its one of the coolest areas to look at and everything turns to pixellated crap when you turn to fast.

Loved the voice work in the flash. It added an extra layer to the funny. Great job and I look forward to more videos!

I remember that show. Great flash! Loved the voices.

This is one of the greatest flashes to grace the portal! The quality of the animation, voices, and story is awesome! Loved it when the Grey Knight freaked out about cuddling! I look forward to more.

The ending text disappears too fast

It's impossible to read it because it goes away so fast. Other then that this was pretty funny! Jesus sounded a little robot-like but the voice acting and art were, overall good.

A Great Batman Parody

Good artwork and voice acting. One thing I noticed was that Batman's resume seems to disappear from the interviewers hands, but other then that this flash is great!

Decent story...

But the animation is a little choppy. Making it fluid takes time, but its worth it!
Also, I sense a heavy Eddsworld influence... you might want to tr and make your animation style more distinctive.

A very good thought provoking cartoon

Great animation, sound effects, and sound track. I like the little science probes! Brilliant way to convey a message as well!

Reminds me of why I love Newgrounds

It's submissions like this one that remind me of whey Newgrounds is great. Amongst all the parodies, sprite animations, and hentai slideshows there are a select few games and movies that come along every once in a while that show that there really is something to be seen here.

This movie has probably the best effects, and the nearly the smoothes animation of any submission I have ever seen. It sets a new standard, raising the bar as did other submissions such as Falling Angel and Bitey of Brackenwood.

A real story combined with great voice work add to the superb animation to make this a work that will cement the authors place among Newground's best, and will secure this flash with a slot in the top of the portal for a very, very long time.

JamesLee responds:

Thanks starwarsjunkie for the in depth review.
Yeah, I'd like to see some more original character and creations on here too!

Heavy salad finers influence

but still pretty good. Very creepy, it was a little hard to understand some of the dialoge and the subtitles were hard to read, but other then that, good artwork, and an all round good movie!

The-Scourge responds:

salad fingers influenced the genre of this film, i found it difficult to think up original stuff to follow

I always loved the Rune scape scream

So when are they gonna let you put all these in a series collection, and how can we help? Should we spam Tom Fulp with emails demanding a spot on the series page??

Either way, keep up the great work!

Bobert-Rob responds:

I dunno, once it has enough regular episodes? I have no idea really. Maybe it needs to actually become more popular or something. Either way, I'm fine with it. My website works with keeping that stuff organized. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

I write stuff. Browse through my news and forum posts and you'll see. You'll ALL see.

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