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I really enjoy this game. However, apart from the ranges of guns being wrong or unclear as other people have mentioned, I noticed one other bug. Whenever an opponent charges me (in pvp) the game doesn't display my buttons along the bottom. The clock just goes straight to zero and then my mech moves forward one space. After that it goes back to normal.

Day of the Dead: The Game

This game is a little slow at first, but once you get some of the later items and research upgrades it gets a lot more interesting.
I like the idea, but some explanations early on would have helped as I felt a little lost at first.
I also really like all the different combinations of zombies!

If only I could name the zombie 'Bub'.

Evil-Dog responds:

we didn't do the best job with the tutorials

I have two big problems with this game

First, whenever you do a spell, Argus stops doing whatever it was you told him to. There were many occasions when I sent him to go fight and told him to throw lightning at a far away foe. He stopped moving and did this. These ranged attacks shouldn't stop him from moving.
Which leads to the second problem. Argus loves to stand there and get his face filled with arrows. A group of melee fighters will get cut down by Argus because he attacks anybody who attacks him. Archers however don't elicit this response. This causes Argus to die. Pathetically easily I might add. Also when enemies are focused on the gate Argus will just stand there unless you click on them one at a time so he can shuffle over and whack them with his sword.
You need to give Argus a range in which he will attack all enemies. This will stop him from being killed by archers who are standing 2 feet from him because you have to click on them one at a time.
You've got some interesting mechanics here, and it reminds me of Diablo, but that's not necessarily a good thing for a defense game. Diablo was about exploring, this is the exact opposite. What you need here is automation and streamlining, not frantic clicking on each enemy at a time. I was annoyed that some magic also only killed one at a time, and there was no way to upgrade these.
Lastly, this game is too repetitive, and I was bored by week 5. This is the worst thing that can happen in a defense game, which is normally a longer, slowly paced game. If the player is bored, all the fancy artwork, voiceacting, and writing(all of which were very good!!) will not save your game.

Very good game, excellent in almost every way!

The gameplay for this game is very similar to the last one, but with a few tweaks. The addition of the vehicles was nice, but I noticed that after the first few levels there was no fuel to pickup. Is this on purpose or a glitch?
Aiming is a little hard to get used to at first, but once you realize that you can hold down the mouse it gets easier. The weapons reload very fast so that isn't much of a problem. The one problem I noticed is that the rocket launcher only hits if you click directly on the zombie. Considering its an explosive weapon I would think that close would be good enough, like with the grenade launcher.
The character should maybe be able to move a little faster on the vertical axis. It is often too hard to collect food and antidotes unless you see them way ahead of time.
I loved the zombie babies!
I thought the tesla gun was useless. Maybe I wasn't using it right, but it only seemed to work if I was close and it took a really long time to register a hit.
Despite these flaws it is still a very good game and lots of fun to play!
(I didn't think it was too hard. I played on normal and only had to restart a couple times towards the end. Try using different weapons if its not working for you. Sometimes the newest weapon won't suit your playing style.)

Drive me closer I want to hit them with my sword!

This is great. Short, but great. Love the guy who's trying to run away.

Aiming and recharge a problem

This game has a lot of potential, being vastly different then your average tower defense game. However it is just too hard to balance defense with money making. The markets and banks are just too expensive. Coupled with the fact that your towers shoot almost their entire load on their first shot and are then useless thereafter makes buying pop and markets a losing position because you need a million towers to maintain your defense. Expansion is also costly and just makes things harder to manage. Defenses such as mines are not cost effective as they are used once and then gone. Improve these things and I believe you'll have a great game!

Point taken, but maybe it should have been a movie

I feel that this would have been better as a movie rather then a game. If you just hold space you miss the little dialog at the top when you stop. The artwork was good and was appropriate to the content. The music was slightly melodramatic, but then it it impossible to choose something that goes well with a subject this serious.
Overall good effort with a good cause. Just make it a movie next time.

Did you make the soundeffects yourself?

That's cool if you did, but I think it would sound better if you found actual explosion and gun soundeffects rather then doing it yourself.
Decent artwork though!
Sometimes it looked like the bullets were counting as hits on my plane when they should have gone past, maybe a clipping problem.
Others have already pointed out the title mistake, but that's and easy fix.

Excellent Game, flaws a matter of choice?

This game has excellent controls, graphics, and gameplay. I enjoyed getting all the way through the arena to kill the Death Machine! I have some questions about some of the choices you made, many of which others are calling major flaws in the game. Namely:
1. There is no saving. Considering the game is rather short, maybe this was done to increase playtime or make it more difficult?
2. There is no going back in the weapon tree. I feel that this, while annoying at first, actually encourages replaying the game, to see the different guns. Also, if you play smart and save your weapon points once you have completed one tree you can switch to a different tree at any time and go straight to the final weapon.
3. Lack of Health pickups. This one I have to agree with. Sometimes health pickups would spawn one right after the other in one level and then not appear for the next 2 levels. This is somewhat remedied by buying upgrades, but once you have bought the final one...
4. Not being able to play all the rooms. Play again.
5. Losing when you win. This puzzled me too. I killed the death machine and then it said I lost. Is this supposed to be saying that nobody can actually win on Saturday Night Bloodbath? If so, I applaud the gallows humor, if its just a mistake, then you should fix that.
All in all my only real complaint is that the Rush levels were a bit unfair. I managed to beat them... but if you happen to be using the magnum tree when you get there, you're doomed.

Great game, hope to see more!

One of NG's best games

This is one of the greatest games I have ever played on Newgrounds! It is extremely well polished and incredibly fun. I was planning to play for 10mins and ended up playing for over an hour!
The graphics are excellent, the voice work is top notch, and the gameplay is addicting! The story was very good too, I enjoyed being able to listen to the military and hear as everything went to hell!
The upgrades were nice, although I felt that perception wasn't worth the amount of points you had to put into it. I was too busy steering to watch the map up top.
The only thing I would change is the key layout. Its hard to push E or R when you're driving because you need the index finger to steer to the right. So you have to choose between steering or honking your horn. Maybe you could move those two keys to the other side of the key board? The right hand isn't doing anything.
All in all a solid game that I believe will be long remembered as one of the best to come through the portal.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for the good review, you can change the controls in the options

I write stuff. Browse through my news and forum posts and you'll see. You'll ALL see.

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